Budget Support


Budget Support

US-District of Columbia–Washington           

Perform budget and programming support through the use of various finance systems including Automated Funding Document System (AUTODOC) and Navy Enterprise Resource Management (ERP). Draft various financial reports for Congressional Briefings, Program Office Memorandums, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) office requests, and Assistant Secretary of the Navy (ASN) office requests. Assist in annual requirements generation prioritization, and spend plan development process. Draft budget exhibits, reclamas, and issue papers. Analyze status of funds and provide reports on the planned, programmed, committed, obligated and disbursed funding levels based on the appropriation type, organizational element, projects and task areas. Assist with the development and review of program plans, spend plans and presentations.


  •  3-5 Years of Federal Financial Management experience
  • Experience with NAVY ACAT I programs
  • Experience with using NAVY ERP
  • Experience with using PBIS
  • Advanced Excel capabilities
  •  Ability to obtain a security clearance.

 The successful candidate will possess a ‘can-do’ attitude, be a team player, have good customer skills, and be willing and helpful.

 Resumes may be submitted online to: resume@c-gcon.com