LCS Senior Sea Frame ILS SME

LCS Senior Sea Frame ILS SME 

US- Washington, DC 

The LCS Senior Sea Frame ILS SME will:

  • Represent 501L/505L DAPM at conferences/meetings as directed.
  • Provide effective interface/liaison across disparate Government organizational stakeholders to provide/receive ILS products/services to support LCS new construction/post-delivery ship events.
  • Maintain SA of impacts to ILS products/services POAMs based on changes to the PMS 501 Master Schedule, funding perturbations, program redirection, personnel transfers.
  • Provide input into 501 FYxx tasking to Government Orgs to produce ILS product/services.
  • Maintain/Monitor CFE/GFE ILS readiness/status posture for each LCS hull pre-OWLD to include:
  • Sea Frame Acquisition/Production (COSAL Stats; Final TM Stats; CSA Validation Stats)
  • Sea Frame Post Delivery (IPDA, PDA, PSA) until hull turnover to PMS 505L at OWLD
  • Assess/provide comments to ILS related configuration/ILS documentation and products:
  • LCS GFE SPDs (ensure 505L is in the chop chain and provide assessment/edits)
  • LCS Variants LCS 5AF/LCS 6AF Schedules A-E (maintenance mode: draft PCW edits)
  • LCS Ships Specification all CFE/GFE items (maintenance mode: draft PCW edits
  • LCS Sea Frame Proposed Change Washington (PCWs) Class I ECPs relating to GFE and Class II Change Documentation (IPCs, etc.)
  • PARM submitted ILS Checklists
  • Monitor CFE/GFE configuration data consistency across all program documentation like Contract Schedules A-E, Ship Specifications, GFE provided Technical Manuals, GFE related allowance documents (ACL/APLs/AELs), PMS documentation and ILS related Contractor CDRLs such as contractor GFE/GFI Receipt reports, Master Equipment Lists & CSA/CDMD-OA selected reports.
  • Review LCS PCW ILS Review Comment Forms for each CFE/GFE related PCW/ECPs that have been negatively endorsed by Variant/Post-Delivery Deputy ILS Managers.
  • Participate in teleconferences/meetings as directed/approved by the DAPM such as routine Contractor (Ship Yard) ILS IPTs, LRRs, SPPCs, LSWGs), ILSMTs and PARM Reviews.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Retired Navy Supply Corp Commander.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Preferred working knowledge of NAVSEA and shipboard.

Resumes may be submitted online to: